New Library Design - Architectural Renderings
The library, Sharon Standing Building Committee and the Sharon Historical Commission have worked since December to tweak the new library design so it will do justice to the historic area and the front is a replication of the original Center School.  The original design size is the same.  The building footprint on the site is 10,992 SF.  There are 2.5 stories.  The overall size is 69.9' x 160'
Main Floor
Second Floor
Basement Floor
Elevation diagram from North Main Street
Elevation diagram with abutters homes
Conceptual Schematic Design Dimensions
New Library Building Project Information
Information about the proposed new library building project. 
Sharon Cable TV Library Tour and Discussion
Look here to see the conditions of the current building and to hear about the proposed new library. 
Time Line 2019

May 21 - Debt Exclusion Vote approved by 71%. 

May 6 - Annual Town Meeting Vote for new library approved by 82%.

April 29 - Open Meeting - Trustee walk-thru and discussion about the new library - 

April 24 -
Third special meeting for the abutters with Town Administrator Fred Turkington, Traffic Engineer, Tom Houston and the Board of Library Trustees to answer all pedestrian and traffic related concerns and questions from the abutters. 

April 17 - Special meeting for the abutters -  This is the second special abutter's meeting. The first was held January 2017.  A list of questions was reviewed by the Board of Library Trustees and additional questions and concerns added.  Questions regarding the grant, the size of the building, collection meeting spaces and other questions were answered.  A third meeting with the Town Administrator and the Traffic Engineer, Tom Houston is planned for April 24th at 7:00 PM, Library Community Room. 

April 7 - Open Meeting - Trustee walk thru and discussion about the new library.  Library Community Room 3:00 PM. 

April 2 and 16 - The Sharon Building Committee, member of the Sharon Historic Commission and members of the Board of Library Trustees reviewed the latest plans for the exterior of the new library. A concensus by those in attendance approved the design to be sent to Jim Grassfield, Chair of the Sharon Historical Commission to share with his board for review and approval. The SSBC talked about releasing and turning back an additional $400,000 from the Public Safety Building.  For more information, view the meetings on Sharon Cable TV. 

March 25 - Open Meeting - Trustee walk thru and discussion of new library. Library Community Room 7:15 PM.

March 19 and 28th  - The Standing Building committee, members of the Sharon Historic Commission and members of the Board of Library Trustees discussed the exterior of the new library. Another meeting will be held on the 28th to find solutions that will enhance the design yet be historically sensitive to the area and neighborhood.

Traffic Study Update - The library has commissioned PSC to prepare a traffic and pedestrian study which has been sent to DPW and the Standing Building Committee. They will review the suggested recommendations and determine the best solution for the neighborhood and library patrons.  We are aware of the issues surrounding traffic and pedestrian movement at the proposed new library site,  such as better illumination of North Main Street crosswalks, pedestrian safety on North Main Street, School Street and Pleasant Street, improved lighting, stop signs where appropriate.  Designated parking is only allowed on the library property at 1 School Street, in the municipal lot behind the Congregational church and designated street parking. Summary of the traffic survey. 

February 28 - First organizational meeting of the Library Reuse Committee - Meeting to be held at the Community Center Rm. 26.  Board of Selectmen chose the following people to form the Library reuse committee: James Popkin, Roni Thaler, Adam Shain, Jim Daylor and Matthew Grosshandler.  

January 24 - MBLC informed Library Director that Sharon will be funded $7,485,943 over 5 installments (once certain milestones are met) beginning in July 2019 provided local funding is approved.  The town vote for local funding will be on May 6, 2019.  To fund the debt exclusion, there will be a ballot question at the town election on May 21. Funding is based on need.  The current library cannot serve the need of the community and the condition of the current library enables the state to offer these funds to the Town of Sharon sooner than would be expected. 

January 14 - Board of Trustees, Library Director, Library Architects R.Drayton Fair and Michael Stickney, and Owner's Project Manager John Sayre-Scibono present completed feasibility study to Sharon Standing Building Committee.  Library representatives appointed to SSBC are: Bob Levin, Vice Chair Board of Library Trustees, Andrew Hyland, Secretary, Board of Library Trustees as alternate and Library Director, Lee Ann Amend. 

Sharon Public Library notified that they are #2 on the wait list and that funding is expected to be available July 2019.   State to determine funding for new library construction projects by late spring 2019. 
Time Line 2018

The Sharon Public Library Foundation releases information packets to the public listing the following:
        Case Statement
        Building Problems with Current Library
        Giving Opportunities
        Naming Opportunities  

For More Information:

Time Line 2017

October 2017 - First meeting of the Sharon Library Foundation whose charge it is to fundraise for 
                          the new Sharon Public Library. 

July 13, 2017 - Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Massachusetts Public Library
                         Construction Program approves grant award of $7,485,943 million toward a
                         new library at 
1 School Street and is placed #6 out of 24 on the waiting list.

January 19, 2017 -   Library Grant Request mailed out to Massachusetts Board of Library

January 11, 2017 -  Library Building and Selection Committee Panel Discussion.  This meeting was 
                               held for the abutters plus anyone else from the community.  Three hundred and 
                               ten letters were mailed to all the abutters.  The Architect reviewed the plans and 
                               answered questions about the schematic design.  Questions concerned 
                               space for more materials, the exterior appearance of the replication, grant 
                               process and the list, when we will find out and concerns for traffic.  

Time Line 2016

December 9 and 16, 2016 - Community Open House from 2-4 PM with Library Director library foyer
                                               to review plans.

November 2, 2016 - Sharon Historical Commission members review and approve historical
                                 facade' from North Main Street. Exterior building design and color determined
                                 by SHC.

October 19, 2016 - Review of exterior renderings in accordance to historical rebuild of 2-story 1892
                                Centre School

October 14, 2016 - Site Borings (Geotechnical Services, Inc.)

October 5, 2016 - Final approval of library floor plans in accordance to required Building program
                             Needs Assessment

September 16, 2016 - Site Survey (Jacobs Driscoll Engineering)

September 9, 2016 - Hazmat testing (Smith & Wesel)

September 7, 2016 - Perc Test (Dick Morse excavating and DeVellis Zrein, Inc.)

August 9, 2016 - Board of Selectmen meeting to discuss Sharon Historical Commission determination regarding the current library site and use of School Street as the Library's primary site for the library feasibility study and schematic design. The vote was unanimously approved.

July 26, 2016 - Board of Selectmen meeting to discuss the following: Library plans,  determination letter about the current library site, and preservations laws and regulations. 

Read the condition assessment of 1 School Street - old superindent's building.

July 25, 2016 - Library Building and Selection Committee and Sharon Historical Commission meeting to review joint project and historical preservation for 1 School Street.

July 21, 2016 - Meeting of the Sharon Historical Commission to discuss possible library project. Sharon Community Center Room 26 at 7:30 PM.  The Commission voted 4 to 3 to approve the project site as 1 School Street.  SHC will determine what the building envelope/exterior will be while the Library Building and Selection Committee will determine the library program spaces. 

July 13, 2016 - Meeting of the Sharon Historical Commission to discuss the Library Expansion Plans.  Sharon Community Center Meeting Room 26  at 7:30 PM.  The Sharon Historical Commission did not approve the plans to go forward on the current site. 
Read their report
hereThey will take a vote at a subsequent meeting to determine if they will support our project at the 1 School Street site.

July 2, 2016 - The LBSC was notified as follows, The Sharon Historical Commission met and are drawing up a letter to the library with their decision. They are planning to inform the LBSC by July 12 which is the date of the Selectmen's meeting.

June 27, 2016 - A member of the Sharon Historical Commission calls Town Hall on Friday asking to be placed on the next Board of Selectmen's agenda to discuss the library, particularly alternative sites.  They don’t believe the current site will work based on Mass Historical’s findings.   The Library Building and Selection Committee has not been notified as to the results of any findings, either by the Massachusetts Historical Commission or the Sharon Historical Commission as of June 27th.

June 23, 2016 - The Sharon Historical Commission met to discuss the Library expansion design plans.  The Library Building and Selection Committee was not informed as to the results of this meeting.
The Sharon Public Library Carnegie Building was built by Andrew Carnegie in 1914 at no cost to the Town of Sharon. This library was 2,000 square feet.  It was Andrew Carnegie's vision that, "A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people." The Carnegie Building is part of the Sharon Historic District.  And because of this, the Library Building and Selection Committee and Architects met with the Sharon Historical Commission on May 11, 2016.  

On May 13, 2016 the library submitted the Project Notification Form to the Massachusetts Historical Commission.  The purpose of the Massachusetts Historical Commission is not to stop a project from moving forward as described in 950 CMR 71, but recommends that all parties work together to find a solution.  " The MHC will determine whether the project will have any adverse effect, direct or indirect, on any property listed in the State Register of Historic Places. The MHC must make a determination of effect within 30 days of receipt of notification. If the MHC determines that a project will have an adverse effect on a State Register property, then the MHC, the state body, and the private project proponent will immediately consult to discuss ways to eliminate, minimize, or mitigate the adverse effects. The state body or the private project proponent undertaking the project must adopt all prudent and feasible means to eliminate, minimize, or mitigate adverse effects. 950 CMR 71.02 detail the process for compliance with M.G.L. c. 9, §§ 26 through 27C by establishing a forum for the resolution of disputes arising between proposed developments and historic properties; the emphasis of the process is on interested parties negotiating an agreement after a thorough and good faith examination of alternatives. State law does not give the MHC veto authority over proposed developments, but does direct state bodies to adopt all prudent and feasible means to avoid damaging historic properties. The MHC's role is to provide information, technical assistance, and a forum to assist project proponents in developing projects that consider historic values and preserve the Commonwealth's historic heritage."

The Architects described the plans while the Library Building and Selection Committee discussed the requirements of the grant.  The Library Building Program is the set of plans that describes the requirements as set forth by the MBLC, survey of community needs, 20 year projected growth figures for the Town of Sharon, public, and staff and utility space required to operate a library.   It is the 20 year projected growth requirements that determine the size of the building program.  The reason for this is because the State of Massachusetts does not want to pay for a project that won't last into the future. 

The Town of Sharon has expanded the library twice already.   The first addition which towered over and enclosed one side of the exterior of the Carnegie building was completed in 1960.  As the community grew and the library couldn't handle the increase in services required, another addition was completed in 1979.   The new library has a building program size of 20,000 square feet (public space) which is the minimum required by the Donahue institute figures for the Town of Sharon based on Sharon's community and needs.  This is a requirement for the grant.  The total square footage for the new library is 25,000 square feet which includes the utility space (elevator, bathrooms, mechanical room, electrical room, etc.)

The original Carnegie building was 2,000 square feet and the two additions brought the total size to 10,500 square feet.  The entire back wall of the Carnegie Building was removed in this renovation and the South side of the Carnegie building was covered with the new addition.  Zoning variances had to be secured in order to take most of the .33 acres of land that the library currently sits on.

May 2, 2016 - Annual Town Meeting - The Board of Library Trustees receive permission by unanimous vote to approve the Library Building Project and to apply for the grant to see if the Town will get funding for the new library project.  It is understood that this process is a long process and could take from 5 to 10 years for the project to be funded by the State of Massachusetts due to a waiting list process.  Libraries that are in poorer communities and communities dealing with failing buildings usually receive first priority for funding.